Day 9 of elf projects brings make your own crystals. Zeq has many jars of these in his bedroom from years past. It’s a fun easy project that seems to be a hit. We tried priouline cookies as the treat. Zeq wanted no part of them. Hayden loved them. They are definitely an acquired taste.

Those who know Zeq know how hard it is to come out of his room especially this time of year. But never does he complain about doing to the elf project. So it is a happy moment. Even if doesnt lasts hours upon hours. We will take the minutes that we get. We are thankful for those moments.

People in general I dont think realize how important those few moments a day are to us. In an age of technology, it’s the few moments that no one has a phone, tablet, or game in front of them. No one is arguing that this person did this or that. But instead they are interested in seeing what they other one is doing. How they painted, or what colors they used. They have a chance to speak. Zeq always talks about the same thing. Mom when can we get av cords to try the vcr, mom when are we going to sweetie pies so she can have her applesauce. Same conversation every night. I’m ok with it. No it isnt the usual conversations that many 14 year olds have. But that is ok with us.

You know over the last 14 years I have heard the same stories everyday, guns, games, etc. I know the conversation when it starts most of the time the same answers are given. But it is as if he has never heard those answers ever before in his life. So sometimes it is a good surprise for him. I’m sure the next 14 years I’ll hear about the same guns, watch the same show with him, and still be doing the elf project with him every night. You know what, I am perfectly fine with that.

Some get frustrated, irritated, annoyed by hearing about the same thing day in day out. But you know what?!? To Zeq it is as if it just happened. He remembers things in his own way, most of the time not at all. So he needs that constant reminder, reassurance. I laugh sometimes because for 3 years day in and day out I watched the movie cars.. but to this day if it is on and he walks by he stops and watches it as if he has never seen it.

Today brought about personalities, grumpiness, no haircuts, and the very persistent need for me to buy triple chocolate cookies even when there were some left,(the store didnt have any) so he was very anxious that there won’t be anymore. He gets 2 for snack. There are three left, he say hey mom what are we going to do with the last cookie?!?!! He needed to know. Because he only gets 2..and there are three… but theres no more after that one. The dilemma.. I said buddy.. you are gonna have it.. all three tonight. You would have thought he won the lotto. But the question remains.. what will happen tomorrow once these cookies are eaten for snack(if they are) he may choose to “save” them until we get a new pack “just incase”. Aka we will throw away if the store doesnt get them..

These are the thoughts that go through his head. Because the thought of 3 cookies being in the box has overwhelmed him most of the day. It calmed when was told I would “try” and pick more up. We try is always the answer… that way it is not a promise that will be broke. But now that the store did not have anymore, it has overtaken his thoughts once again. In turn this has brought about John assumingly because he is grumpy and not right for John. Johnny as well because he wants cookies, and as many toddlers when they want something that is the only thing that can be had.

So tomorrow I will again look for these cookies, in hopes they have them. I will again attempt haircut.. what will tomorrow bring?!?! Only tomorrow will tell.. until then

As always

Onward and upward

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