On the 7th day of the elf projects our elves brought to us… Christmas matching. This is one of the loved ones. Zeq for whatever reason loves the matching game. We played 5 rounds. We popped popcorn, and listened to Christmas music.

Zeq has never been a fan of playing board games but for some reason he is enjoys this one. Always ask if we can play another time, and another time.

The simplest of things like this deck of matching cards and it made his day. This is why we do these. Everyone enjoys the projects. Some of the projects are liked more than others. Each kid has ones they like more than the other.

We build this tradition in hopes that one day it will pass on to their kids, or other people will see and want to do something similar. It isnt about anything more than spending a few minutes “playing ” about letting them talk as they color, or play a game. It’s not the average after school how was your day. It’s the more what color do you thing Santa buttons are? Or do you think Rockafeller (the dog) will bark when Santa comes in on Christmas eve?? Because he has to come through the door because we dont have a chimney. It’s those conversations. While matching, or seeing them try their best to stay in the lines while coloring. That’s why we do this.

It always gives us more routine than we already have. Routine is good for everyone. Routine helps Zeq to feel stable in his instability. It gives everyone something to look forward too. That makes everything seem possible when you have that.

Sometimes our future doesnt seem the brightest. When it comes to Zeq sometimes the future makes us sad, to think he is getting bigger and when it comes to certain ages he wont be able to do what everyone else his age can. Like drive a car. Join the army. You know all the hopes and dreams any parent has for their children. What they set out to do you do your best to help them achieve it.

But right now we have something to look forward to, these darn elves. They are apart of our family. Some may never understand why we see them as that. But that’s ok, those people dont need to understand.

Having something to believe in keeps dreams alive.

Henry slightly made an appearance he didnt ask for medicine tonight. But he kept saying he had to blow his nose. But he left and Zeqs nose is fine now. John also came. He became angry at the slightest thing. But he didnt stay long, long enough to yell and scream about controllers and mess. John is very ocd… Zeq is OCD as well but the “mess” that makes John angry is Zeqs organization. John wants it clean, and Zeq believe the things are where they are supposed to be.

I can only imagine what goes on in his head. Or how these personalities came to be. I will never know the full extent I’m sure, but I will always be here to research and maybe teach others who are in the dark about. Maybe one day help someone else. I guess I’ll never be comfortable with all these personalities invading Zeqs space, but I learn something new everyday.

Tomorrow will come, and new adventures will be had.

As always

Onward and upward

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