On the 6th day…

On the 6th day the elves brought us fuzzy felt ornaments. Always a popular one because there are lines to color within. Never enough markers..but we make do.. tonight’s special treat hot chocolate and warm apple cider along with Christmas tunes. Rylees ornament is set aside for when she gets home.

Last day before break!!! Now a break for a minute or two.. or not?!?. Todays weather brought a two hour delay.. which in turn, turned into a skip day. Which made Zeq pretty darn excited. A week off from school we will take it. He has yet to have to wear pants as well so atleast we have avoided that meltdown so far as well.

His day today was a quiet one, which is sometimes neither good nor bad. Good because it is not meltdown loud, bad because it is withdrawn quiet. When he withdraws, he withdraws doesnt talk to anyone, and doesnt want to leave his room.

He has currently taken up eating the dreaded glazed donuts..ugh. it was super bad the last time. Who knows how long it will last this time. He wanted no part in eating lunch today. Wasnt hungry?! Didnt want to eat?! Or just didnt want to leave his room to eat?! No one knows.

The other day he came into the kitchen, not as Zeq and looked at me.. and said why dont you buy my kind of food?!?! What do you mean I ask. He repeated himself. Why dont you buy my kind of food. Well I’m not sure what your kind of food is… you know the food I eat. I said I dont know what you eat anymore. He just stared at me. Then walked off. Few minutes later he came back into the kitchen this time himself.. and said hey mom can I have a snack?! Sure buddy you can. Made me think. I have no idea what his kind of food is. He doesnt eat much of anything.. spaghetti, fries, tortillas, and now glazed donuts are the choices of late. So I wonder what this personality was looking for? Maybe all the personalities have different preferences in food? I dont know. Its interesting to learn something new everyday.

While doing the elf project, he said mom is the applesauce still good? I told him yes. He said you think it will last until Wednesday. I said yea it should be fine it is individual cups why? He said I want to take some to sweetie pie, I bet she would like some.(mom you are getting applesauce cups) I said I think she would like that.

He may not always come off a certain way, but I can tell you one thing. No matter what it is. He is one of the most thoughtful people you will meet. It is the “outside of the box” thoughtful. Not many people would think applesauce was thoughtful. But he knows his sweetie pie likes applesauce. So he wanted to make sure she got some.

People who have disabilities seem to get this stigma about them from other peoples thoughts, judgements. That maybe they dont understand or cant understand. That they cant process their own thoughts. But they can. They are some of the greatest people around. We as our “normal” selves could learn a lifetime of knowledge from them. They could teach you how to humble yourself, how to enjoy lifes little things, how to think about others, how to make the best of the most not so good situations. You know none of these people who have disabilities asked to be disabled nor did they choose to be. But it is the mean, ignorant people who say things about them… they choose to be that way. But it’s people like Zeq that even if you are mean to him, at the end of the day he knows no different, and he would give anyone one of his applesauces.

As always

Onward and upward

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