Yep applesauce..

So what do you do when your kid comes walking out of school at the end of the day, beaming ear to ear holding a bag…. containing around 20 cups of applesauce.. nothing you do nothing. You says wow that’s a lot of applesauce and laugh to yourself. You see some would be taken aback by this.. nope not us we roll with it. Through this year we have seen many things walk out of those school doors. Computers, cords, remotes, DVD players, vcrs, and now applesauce.

Hey everyone likes sugar free applesauce, and peach applesauce right?!?! Well we do now atleast. No one has ever said we live a dull life. But it gets better…

So on way home for school he says mom you know what would be cool?! What?!? It would be cool if the applesauce manufacturers made an applesauce day.. I mean well we have days for everything under the sun anyways so it’s a possibility. But the story goes on.. it would be even cooler if they had a truck that drove around launching applesauce cups to everyone out of like cannons. You know what?!?! That would be pretty cool. So continuing home he says hey mom?! Yea buddy… do you think people could die from being hit with an applesauce cup being shot from a cannon. This made me laug out loud. Can see the headlines now.. death by applesauce on national applesauce day. I said well buddy anything’s possible.

He made it through reward day(still doesnt like the games) but he made it.

He doesnt want to go to school nothing new there. One more day one more day. Then before breaks over we will be dreading the going back. Then the anxiety will start because Christmas break will be coming. It’s a never ending cycle really. We just make sure our cup is always half full.

Tonight the elves brought us connect the dot snowmen. It was rylees turn but she wasnt home. But the show will go on. We have a basket we save the projects in for whoever isnt home to do when they get home. So no one gets left out. We played Christmas music and also tried a Terry’s chocolate orange. Reluctantly Zeq took a bite(hey a bite is a bite) he didnt not like it at all. He was pretty excited about coloring his snowman, and made me reassure him that we had one for rylee saved.

No Henry again this evening so a huge plus. Maybe he is at bay for now. Hopefullyanyways, because it is hard to reassure yourself it is ok to give a personality who resides in your sons body medicine when your not sure if in reality that your son needs it. So very happy to have a break from him. Mainly Johnny this evening. He is harmless and doesnt stay long. Had an appearance from our shadowy figure he never bothers anyone and with Veterans day this past week I am surprised he didnt come earlier.

You know we arent rich and famous we are just a normal everyday Joe’s.. well normal is taken very lightly to describe our home. Everyday we can choose to dwell on all the things we cant fix, the events we couldnt attend, the meltdowns, the personalities, the everything’s. Or we can choose to be thankful we made it through the day, we made it through dinner. We can appreciate the little things in life, like elf projects. Today I appreciate the fact that I have 6 million applesauce cups in my fridge. Because if nothing at all that applesauce made his day. That alone is something to be thankful for. Those moments mean more than people will ever know. Its finding the little things in life. Zeq has that ability and he gives us that ability everyday.

Tomorrows a new day, a new adventure

As always

Onward and upward

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