Scratch that..

Full swing of elves is underway.. or as we say we are #elfedup. 🙂 This evening was Zeqs turn to open. Day 4 resulted in a scratch art ornament. These are pretty popular at our house. We use the provided sticks, as well as coins and tooth picks. Sometimes the oranaments you can see the picture.. and most of the time we have a tye dyed ornament. Either way it is enjoyable.

With tonight’s project we made some Buddy the elf sugar cookies. Rylee and Hayden absolutely loved them. Zeq tried one(which is more than we thought) he didnt like it so much. But hey we will take the trial of it.. while doing project it was suggested we listen to Christmas music.. why yes we can. We turned on pandora and sang some tunes mostly off key. *May be added every night. This tradition grows with ideas every day.

Zeqs day wasnt as happy and pleasant as the project. But hey we win some we loose some. His day at school was ok, some personalities came out. After school he was upset. Tomorrow at school they have a reward day. There are different options for the day. There is a basketball game, an art and craft, games, movies etc. Zeq got games. He doesnt want games. He doesnt want to sit and be bored.. he wants to stay home, because clearly they wont be doing anything at school tomorrow or Friday because it is almost Thanksgiving break. So meltdown ensued, minutes were given.. you know the normal.

Our rule is if you stay home from school you have to go to the doctor.. unless we agree on an all together day off(usually like half days before breaks.) So he was mad. But it increasingly is worse the closer to break, then real bad to go back from break. Nothing new, nothing we havent went through. So we will get through each day as it comes.

Good note for the day.. Henry (sick) did not make an appearance today. Which is a very nice thing. Day off from Henry. So that alone is a win. John, Jeffrey and Johnny all came to say hi.

No not everyday is going to be rainbows and butterflies.. not everyday am I going to have the patience of superman, nor will we get through the day gracefully.. but what we will do is get through the day. We will do it our way. We will take the small victories!! We will take in all the small moments. Even if they seem small to everyone else. They are huge to us. They are what makes the day worth it.

As always

Onward and upward