Just dig it!!

This is a pretty exciting elf project.. they brought us gold emerald and diamond blocks that contained a rock.

Zeq was super excited he picked the diamond box. He hammered, shoveled(mini shovel) and brushed this rock of sand. To discover a snowflake obsidian rock. We also uncovered in our rocks 3 obsidian, and a jade.

Was a fun project to say the least, always one of our favorites. Messy but worth it for everyone. Zeq kept all the empty boxes for his collection. What hes collecting them for I dont know.

As far as his day, he was very quiet this evening and kept mainly to himself. He had homework to draw a collage of Wv myths(picture below) He is not a fan of homework but we got it done without a huge fight so that is a plus.

It’s getting closer to his school break so his anxiety is growing. As well as the personality Henry. Henry as I said is a “sickly” man. But we have realized that he is only sick at a specific time of day. When he ask for medicine(Zeq hates meds) he always ask for the “juice” that burns. This has struck us odd. First and foremost Zeq doesnt like medicine, let alone liquid medicine.

So in thinking about this personality.. there are a few theories.. 1 he could possibly be a hypercondriat, or 2. maybe this older man was an alcoholic because when you withdraw from anything you get flu like symptoms. Now these are just theories and observations ofcourse. Theres lots of what ifs or could be.

Here’s the facts about Zeq.. he never(I mean never) gets sick.. if he has runny nose or throat it doesnt last for 5 days..(tonight not a word about throat.) In these 5 days he is only sick at a specific time of day. After a few mins of saying his throat hurts and walks away sounds normal, and even ask if he still wanted medicine he said why do I need medicine? I have checked his throat nothing, no fever, no body ache. Offered to go to doctor and he looks at me like I’m crazy.

So all in all no idea. Again just observations and theories and as of tonight not sick. So a win for us.

Our everyday life is an interesting adventure to say the least. Tomorrow we may be doing the uphill climb, or we may be floating on the lazy river.

We will find out tomorrow

As always

Onward and upward

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