So it begins…

And so it begins..

The elves have made their way back from the north pole with there bag of goodies for them to enjoy every evening. Each one numbered so there is no confusion. Starts with oldest to youngest. Zeq is first up. He helped look for the #1 bag.. found it and opened it. He read the card allowed for us to hear.

Tonight activity….

Decorate the tree!! As well as added activity sheet.

The elves brought them their own ornaments. Zeq got one that is “high tech” has game stuff tv stuff, Rylee got one with hair stuff and make up, and Haydens was flash. Their job was to pick best spot.

This time of year it is very rough for Zeq. The inconsistency of routine due to school breaks, personality outbreaks, weather change all combined into one.

All of them enjoy the elves but they especially help Zeq. They give him a sense of stability and structure. Some see it as crazy. It does take a lot of time and preparation but it is all worth it every evening. It is a tradition that started a few years ago, and grown into what it is today.

We enjoy it, and I hope you all enjoy seeing them.

As we always do..

Onward and upward.

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