In a hectic world.. you just need a kitten…

So life of late is hectic and unstable at times. We have ups that are really up.. and downs that are extremely down. We have personalities that come quickly and often. We have awkward food choices, we have lack of eating, talking a mile a minute to not saying a word.

Our life has never been the normal, it’s never been predictable. Nor will it ever. It’s not so much that we are “ok” with it but it is what we have became accustomed too.

This time of year Zeqs senses are heightened. He is on edge. He is very unpredictable.

So we have had this crazy thought for years.. every year atleast of our kids have ask for a kitten for Christmas, birthday etc.. we were talking about the big lottery jackpot the other day, Zeq walked in and we said what would you do if you won the lotto… he said I would have a baby cat.

Wether the stars aligned, or just dumb luck.. but a friend at my work cat had just had kittens. So we said why not, cant get any crazier than it already is. So we got 3 siblings for the kids. The excitement on their face was the best.

I dont think anyone really understands what this baby cat means to Zeq. He talks to them all three just not his. He slept on the floor so they could have his chair(again he still has perfectly good bed). At school when he got to go through the old computer stuff. He brought them home a box they could play with.

Most people are like it’s just a cat.. well it’s not to him. These three are a lot more than just cats to him. His kittens name is Jackson. Rylees is Greyson, and Haydens is tater tot.

To some just cats.. but to us family of mini tornados. But they fit in well with our tornado of a life. They give Zeq someone to talk too.. someone to look forward to getting home to see.

To show you the relationship he has with these guys I have added a picture of him and Jackson.

Like we always do

Onward and upward.

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