Tonight the elves brought us some ornaments to color and chocolate covered snowmen was for our treat. Zeq ate the head off of his snowman. Todays adventure was ofcourse pants, 4 failed attempts to tight, to long, not comfy.. and was told just go grab shorts. He wore pants, after school he says see this is why pants are not good, looking down at his … Continue reading Ornaments

Snow day

Snow day!!!! Yay!!! Or not… All is usually well with snow days, no school.. well you would think anyways. Today was not that way. Happy no school, Zeq was very happy. But soon after started the “will there be school tomorrow?” Yes there will. To is there for sure school tomorrow. As of right now yes there is. It over took his day. It started … Continue reading Snow day


Even when you dont feel well the show must go on. Things may just be a little slower. Tonight the elves brought us snow to grow. Zeq ofcourse wanted to keep his for his collection and…… he put it in his fridge so it stays cool. The logic of this kid I tell you. Treat was popcorn and Hershey bells. Zeq had a piece of … Continue reading Snow