Oh Hallows eve…

So the past few weeks have been lots of ups and downs for Zeq. He has been many personalities and very rapidly at that. He has went to school as them, came home as them, had to wear pants(once).

He goes from crying, screaming, overly happy, inconsolable, erratic to name a few. He never wants to leave the house, or his bedroom at this point. Hes major food of choice is spaghetti over and over.

It’s not out of our normal. It happens every year same time every year. So nothing new. We have good days, we have bad days. We have nice personalities and we have not so nice ones come more often this time year. After tomorrow it will become worse..

Christmas will be out in full force. We will tackle that one Thursday.

But for tonight we did get him out of his room. We decided we would paint rocks tonight to take with us on trick or treating tomorrow so we can hide it. In hopes that someone will find and rehide.

During his painting of his rock Johnny briefly visited with all his squeals and noises, then back to zeq telling us about his game. Then telling us about a beeping that was going on in his room(mind you we couldnt hear a thing)

But for tonight he left the room..

Kinda the unofficial start of our projects which will start more and more, when these darn elves comes.

If you are out in about in the Bruceton area tomorrow there will be 5 rocks hidden 🙂 be on the lookout.

As we always do..

Onward and upward..

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