Seasons changing…

Everyday and every year, we go through the seasons. They change.. we adjust and enjoy. Theres something to enjoy about each season.

Seasons are a little different at our home. We have out of school season, we have starting school season, and we have dark raining stay inside season. Also we have the season we are approaching… we call the bad season. It usually comes around the first of November. It last until usually February. There is a build up period to it. That’s the stage we are in now.

Personalities come more frequent and often. He sleeps less. The personalities have been coming more at school. He gets more headaches. He appetite goes down. Classes change at school which throws him off even more. The excitement of Halloween, then breaks in school, then the hustle and bustle of Christmas. It over stimulates him. It wires him to no end.

You know years ago when it would start I could figure out why. Because he loves Christmas and everything about it. So I would think what is wrong.. why is he so up and down.

But as the years have past it happens the same week every year. There is no way of preparing yourself per say. But we understand it more. We prepare ourselves and brace ourselves for the storm the best we can. Does it work?! Sometimes, sometimes not so much.

People get so caught up with the busyness of holidays. We try and do alot of in home projects to create calmness and even more routine than we have already.

Often people get so busy that they get caught up and forget some people have real struggles around this time a year. So please take the time a slow down. If you see someone melting down do not judge them or their parents for things they can not controll.

As well weather this season. We will do as we always do.

Onward and upward