So I was thanked today… ok well I was unaware I did anything that deserved a thanking. But she continued… she thanked me for my patience… my patience with Zeq..

What?! Why is someone thanking me for patience..

She told me the story. She had witnessed a young autistic boy begin to meltdown in a store. He began stomping his feet and his voice became loud. He did not want to go yet. His parents were done and ready to go. But he was not. He wanted to look longer. Or maybe just wanted to be out longer. Only this little boy knew why he wasnt ready to go yet. I personally know this little guy. He becomes excited easily, as any kid would from time to time.

Getting back to story.. it was time to go, and he was unwilling to go. So both parents took by the arm, and started toward the door.. he became louder and louder. It wasnt any of this did she had a problem with it was what happened next.

So parents get him out of the door and once the door closes, you hear the father start yelling at this boy, that he needed to shut up, act his age, and should be grounded for his behavior. She said the look on this mans face while yelling was awful.. he was so angry and this child. The mothers face read something completely different, it read sadness and hurt.

She then thanked me again.. for having the patience with Zeq. This has puzzled me all day..

I’m his mom.. that is my job. To do what is best for my kids always. Being patient isnt always easy. I wasnt born a patient person, you can ask my mom. But it is something I have learned over the year. I am no saint, nor anywhere close to any sort of perfect. I do have a lot of patience.

Zeq has taught me that since he was a baby, he patient one day he will sleep. One day he will walk, and talk. One day he will take off these lightning McQueen shoes(9 days later.) He has taught me if he is not learning how I am trying to teach him, maybe just maybe I should learn myself.. and learn how to teach him so he can learn.

It has made me think about this little boy, what happens behind his closed door.. being punished because he is autistic. I think of not just this little boy, but a lot of disabled kids, and adults alike. Are they being treated ok?, are they being forgotten about?, do they have what they need to be successful?! Or are they being bullied in the own home, their safe place. One will never know. But it makes your heart hurt to think about. Because at the end of the day, taking the word of an adult, or a disabled child who can not speak… most of the world is taking the word of the adult.

No me.. I stand behind all the children!!

Patience is a virtue.. it is learned, it is mastered to some level. The world has a way of everyday testing it. It’s how we overcome it and deal with things. That’s what makes us who we are. We define ourselves instead of letting life define who we are.

Thank you for thanking me, but I am just doing my job as Zeqs mom.

As always

Onward and upward