Inspiration can come from many places, and many things.

Seeing your favorite sport hero do something great can inspire someone to put in extra at practice. Seeing someone buy a fancy new car can inspire you to work more hours or save more money.

Inspiration can come from any facet in your life. Do I believe Zeq becomes inspired? I dont know that he even knows what it means. But that doesnt mean he doenst inspire to do something. Theres this board at his school, and if you get straight As you get your picture on this board. He wants so badly to do that. It’s not that he doesnt try. But everyday he sees this and he wants to be on it. He does try.. he got honor roll last year on his report cards. He was so excited. But it wasnt enough to get him up on that board. So this year first day of school he again tells me mom I wanna get straight As to get on that board

I tell him he has to try really hard. Which he does. He tries his hardest. But his hardest sometimes isnt enough. Enough to get him on that board. It breaks my heart because just going into school is hard. Harder than you will ever know. Then the work itself. He doesnt understand half of it. But the reality is why does he even need to understand some of it. The reality of it is.. I learned long ago.. he will never need some of these things he is learning. But still has to learn them. Has to be a pro at them so he can get on this damn board.

What I want him to do is try. Try his hardest. Find something that he loves, and work for that. I want him to learn things at school that will help him at the end of the day be the best he can be. Teach him the things that he needs to learn in life. The life skills he will need to be ok. Not about getting straight As and making it onto this board. I will never tell him he cant make it on this board. I hope that he does. Because that’s what he inspires to do. I would never take that away.

Inspiration comes from many places. Zeq is one of my inspirations. He is my hero in a sense. I inspire to be the best I can be to help him reach that goal of that board. Do I fall short at times. Ofcourse. But everyday he shows me that just because life deals you a bad hand doesnt mean you have a bad life.

In the big picture he was dealt a pretty crappy hand. I could be bitter about it and angry and the world because it’s not fair. But that would do no one any good. Because the fact of it is, he knows no different. He is doing the best he can because it is all he knows.

He inspires me by his love of the little things. How the simplest things can be the best. How some of the best things in life are nothing to someone else.

Life is a lesson and we can learn from it if we slow down, and find something that inspires us.

I have found inspiration and for time being Zeq has found the straight A board as an inspiration.

As always .

Onward and upward