Some know about IEPs and some have no idea what they are and what they are used for.

IEP defined
The Individualized Education Program, also called the IEP, is a document that is developed for each public school child who needs special education. The IEP is created through a team effort, reviewed periodically.

Throughout the school year if you have a disabled child you usually have around 4 meetings. One at the beginning and one at the end are required. One usually after the first 9 weeks, and only usually after the holidays. Myself have had tons of iep meetings. Some only have the required and that’s all they need. It depends on the child’s needs, and also probably more importantly on how the school is following it.

Some parents go into meetings not knowing what to expect. They are nervous and some even scared. They have these teachers, principals, and other staff.. and feeling somewhat bullied. The school tells you what to do.. and most parents go along with it. Not because they think it is the right thing but because they are told “this is how it has to be” “this is what is best”

The latter one.. this is what’s best?!?! No.. that isnt what is best. School only see your child some of the time. You see your child all of the time. So unless it is what you think is best.. do not settle.

I myself have read the rights of parents and students when it comes to Ieps.. I have had counsel with iep teams(who are the states advocates for the child) I myself have sat through tons of meetings. I will say when they schedule at meeting for Zeq they schedule us very last because what is supposed to be 20 mins has lasted upwards of hours. No not because i don’t agree(there are many times i dont) but because if you feel it best for Zeq.. you better be able to show me cold hard facts, why it is better.

At first with school I was uneducated about ieps.. so teachers would tell and do what they felt.. and I would leave meetings angry, upset and frustrated because they arent helping my kid. So I educated myself. I took control of it. I as well make sure they are following every word that is written in it. Not because I am unruly mean or disrespectful. But because for 7 hours you are with my child. For 7 hours a day I put the safety and well being of my child in these peoples hands!

My child deserves every opportunity just as the next. Wether it be day to day life at school or it may be a field trip that special accommodations need made. You can never be told your child can not go because they are disabled. If my child can not go for that reason, then the kid next to him shouldnt be able to go because he wears red shoes.

Alot of parents are unaware of these facts. I know them only because me and Zeq are living them. No it is not easy. But we have done it for 9 years. We have been around the block. It is trial and error. But this year so far has been the best outcome so far with the iep. But it is early so I’m sure we will have some interesting meetings.

If anyone is new to ieps or not new and has questions. I would be glad to help anyway I can.

Onward and upward as always