Overwhelmed by excitement

You see sometimes in life there are double edged swords. For Zeq a lot of things are like that.

This one in particular… so for 2 weeks now our same banter has played out everyday. Afterschool what day is it? I tell him.. oh darn not today. For two full weeks this countdown has consumed every ounce of this boy. Until today!! Today is the day! Today he gets to visit his sweetie pie. He gets to take his treasure.

Just has to make it until after school. Well school came and went. He got the missing laptop charger that he has been after since what seems like the beginning of time. In the car after school. The personalities come to play. First Johnny something sticky got on him. I say ok we are almost home can wash it off.. nope not soon enough screaming crying. Our usual no big deal. Make it home to grab his stuff. Well here’s John yay… needs to get this stuff off of him.. foaming hand soap and scrubbing.. some yelling but otherwise unscathed. Ok take stuff to car lock door.. nope he wants a gun.. ok.. get guns.. getting in car.. the barrel snaps.. oh lord help us all. At first it is Zeq upset.. pleading. I tell him I’ll fix it. Blink of an eye and we have James. Well you see James has no rational bone in his body, he is plain out mean. Apparently I broke the gun.. I wasnt even close to him. He hates me I’m a jerk. Nothing new. Rocking slamming the whole nine.

Stop for a drink and the dust settles.. all is well Zeqs telling me we can fix the gun he can paint it black no problem. Starts playing with his gun, and his phone. Not another word.

See what some dont understand is yes being excited and having something to look forward to is a pretty great thing. It is something to work towards..etc.. but for Zeq it consumes every part of him, it exhausts him, it takes everything out of him. He has waited for this day for two weeks. But it absolutely overwhelmed him.

But we finally make it. Happiest kid ever, and pap is looking at his computers. One is up and running. He is thrilled! As for me I am so happy he finally got to today, but I am sad as well. Something he has been so excited for, the day comes and I watch him exhaust himself out of pure excitement.

Tomorrows a new day, with new adventures.

Onward and upward we go…