New acquisitions.

In our day we have routine and more routine. We dont vary from it often. So in picking up Zeq from school it is no different than our normal days. Get in car, he says mom what day is it(his countdown to sweetie pies) I ask how school was.. no answer just hands me his behavior report. Then he gets his phone. Nothing new. But today, he begins….

Mom did you see this bag I brought home. No buddy I didnt. It is big and it is heavy. Ok buddy …. mom do you know what’s in it? Why no, no I dont. He proceeds to tell he got a ton of cords…(literally a ton) he said probably 40.. I said wow buddy, he said I almost got 200. Why in the world would you need 200 cords, he is going to sell them apparently.

But that wasn’t the best thing, so he goes on… mom I got this big dvr.. um ok.. a dvr?!?! Yea a dvr.. ok.. so as we continue to drive. Hes is telling me about this DVR. I’m thinking maybe like an older tv box or tivo. He just talks and talks about this box. He is so excited. So we finally get home he takes medicine and goes up stairs..

So I open this bag… cords cords and more cords… then I finally uncover this DVR he is so thrilled about.. I pull it out….. welp not the DVR I was thinking.. it was a VCR. Yep old school VCR. I laughed so hard at this dvr….. but you have no idea how thrilled he is with this thing. All these power cords that dont connect to anything, and this vcr. They are gold to him.

His excitement is the best. School has always been very hard for him. He doesnt have any friends, and most dont want to get to know him. But 2 teachers have allowed him to be himself. And these “treasures” make school bearable for him.

I included picture of his “dvr” and random bulb he had to have.

Today was a good day, we will see what tomorrow brings.

Onward and upward as always

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