As days come closer.. the more excited Zeq becomes. Hes 4 days away from his birthday, so everyday he ask about it. I’m not sure he knows what his birthday means. He just knows it’s his day. Yes by all means he is excited for Sunday to come. But he is most excited to show sweetie pie and pap pap his computers. He has been waiting for weeks to finally show them, and have pap try and fix them.

You see Zeq is and has never been one to get overly excited or look forward to something for more than a week or two in advanced.. but let me tell you even if it wasnt his birthday he would still have the excitement of these darn computers. These computers gave him that. No they are not fancy, or even fast. They may do nothing more than turn on. But not matter what these things are dipped in gold to him.

The littlest things in life are the best things to him.

Little fact about Zeq when something bad happens to him, he remembers it forever and when having a bad day that’s the first thing to come up. As well as well when something really good happens the same thing happens. I can tell you years from now we will be hearing about these computers. I know for a fact he will own them for the rest of his life, they will never be thrown away even if broken or destroyed.

As the years go by and birthdays come and go, he becomes my hero even more than he will ever know. The excitement I see on his face over the smallest things makes everything worth wild. Makes every personality that comes and goes through our house that much more bearable. Every meltdown that much more tolerable.

So to you it may be a slow 7 year old computer. But to him it is everything, it made his year, it made school more bearable. That alone is worth a million dollars to me and him.

Tomorrow may be great, or it may be filled with personalities and meltdowns. But we will deal with tomorrow when it comes.

Like we always do..

Onward and upward