Peanut butter crackers are life

Apparently peanut butter crackers are life now. I got myself a package of peanut butter crackers. It had 8 packs in it.

Zequal sees them and was like what?!?! Peanut butter crackers, can I have some. Sure you can. Thinking to myself..well this is a fluke..wont last long. Because peanut butter crackers have never been a snack choice in his reputar..

Well it is now.. because he has successfully ate all 8 packs of these. He was upset this evening because they were all gone.

It goes to show you how quickly life changes at this house. Tomorrow I will buy more crackers, and they probably will sit uneaten for months, or even years.

But for now they will get added to the ever short list. We will see where it goes.

As always onward and upward…to buy crackers..