Pictures say more than you know..

They saw pictures speak a million words, without even saying one.

That may be true to some point. With Zeqs pictures I’m not meaning camera pictures. I am referring to hand drawing out of your mind pictures.

You see Zeq is not usually interested in coloring, never has been. But while at school or therapies he will draw a picture from time to time. During free time at school he occasionally draws a picture.

I have collected these. He has only drawn 4 this year so far. But when you look at them some would say the same person didnt draw them. But they are all Zeq.. well physically they are all him. But you can tell the differences. Different personalities provide different pictures. The most noticeable out of these 4 drawings… is the mermaid dragon man.. I will break down which parts are actually Zeq and you can compare to other person drawing and even the army vehicles.

Now onto merman shall we call him.. while looking at him first and foremost you notice straighter lines.. in the sword words you can read(I will also attach some of his writing) the man has teeth and hands.. well three hands.. one lower left is Zeq.. bunny in middle of the shirt is Zequal(one of his favorite stuffed animal bunny), words on right by the tail is Zeq. This picture tells a story, I’m sure. But I have no idea which alter is telling it, but I know Zeq is telling some here or there.. maybe that there is three hands (showing someone else is present) maybe facial hair(means older) word why..(maybe asking why) theres fire and animals. Another element is it has crosses(not sure about those) One neat part.. he has buttons on him..(his sweetie pie gave him tons and tons of buttons and they are his treasures)

You see I dont know the answers to any of these questions.. but I do know it is saying something. I do know that all 4 of these are Zeqs, and I know the pictures of helicopters is all him. The other 3 have other influences, have other personalities trying to show.

Was something neat I wanted to share with everyone. We have seen it before. With the merman it is getting more noticeable as time goes on.

It tells stories, now if only I knew how to read them.

One day, maybe I will….

Onward and upward..