Looking forward..

Everyone in life always look forward to something.

You know you look forward to your days off from work. You look forward to sleeping in later than normal. You look forward to that homeade lasagna. The little everyday, weekly, or monthly things.

Then there is bigger picture things that you look forward to in life such as, buying a house, a beach vacation, that new car you have been saving for. Most peoples invisions are alike. Tweaking it here or there. But the end goal for most of us is the same.

For Zeq it is a little different. He usually doesnt look forward months in advance. His are more daily and weekly. For instance yesterday he was super excited because the computer teacher told him she thought there were a few more boxes of things, if his day was good he could look through them. Well today came.. and yep there were more boxes. Here comes Zequal out of school with hands full of treasures. Today he got a laptop, a bulb of some sort, and a few other things I have no idea what they are. So needless to say he was a pretty happy guy.

Something else he is excited for and everyday ask about. Is, his birthday in 9 days. He ask everyday what day it is. He tells me every day he is going to sweetie pies, and pap pap is going to help him with his computers. So he is definitely counting down his days. Because he knows when it comes home it is his birthday.

It is amazing to see him all excited and looking forward to things. It usually only happens around this time of year. He is not like you and I. He doesnt look forward to the sleep in, dinner, vacation or any of that.

What we spend our whole day waiting for, he doesn’t worry about or even think about. He goes about his life. The things that occupy all of our time, and in while doing so we may miss the small things along the way. Yes it is awesome to have things to look forward to and to work for, but also we shkjldnt let it consume our every thought.

We could learn a lot from someone like Zeq, how to love the littlest things in life like a box of computer stuff. We just have to take the time to do so.

Onward and upward as always.