You know in life theres a lot that a smile can cover up…

You can cover up pain, sadness, hurt, upset, inappropriate things and so on.

When it comes to Zeq when you say let me get a picture. Theres the smile. Even though moments ago may have been an epic meltdown. Does he know he is covering things up. I dont think. All he knows is when you say let me take a picture.. he knows that means smile.

Zeq is very transparent most of the time. When he is mad.. you know it. When sad you can see it. When happy you can hear it. Until you say let me take a picture. Then no matter what theres the smile.

In life we use smiles freely.. we either give them away because we are happy or we give them away because we are hiding something that we want left unknown.

Zeq doesnt have that ability to force himself to cover up when he is sad. He cant fake a disappointment because you read it on his eyes. Or when confused we often use the shake my head and smile.. not Zequal when he is confused you can clearly tell.

Smiles can hide some of the biggest pains ever felt. But not Zeq, I wish he had the ability to shake his head a smile. But in a way it is a good thing he doesnt have that ability, because then you would never know what was wrong.

When you get a true smile from Zeq it is meaningful, it is pure, it is amazing. If he gives you that smile willingly one thing you will always know.. it’s not fake, it’s not just trying to be brave, it is not hiding anything.

I am grateful and thankful for the ones I get. Because like everyone else, he doesnt give them freely. They aren’t a dime a dozen. They are special things.

Most people take advantage of a simple smile. We welcome them!!

Life isnt about “let’s take a picture” smiles, they are about the rare one of a kind smiles.

As always

Onward and upward