Haircut, hotdogs, and donuts

Well the title says it all.. that has been our day.

First Zeq has needed a hair cut for weeks at this point.. he hates them. He doesnt go to a salon or a barber. He gets his haircut at home. That’s how he likes it. I have offered everything under the sun for him to get one somewhere. Because one thing I am not.. nor claimed to be was a hairdresser. But we do our best. It’s a fight to get there. But eventually we do. So tonight he finally got it cut. Score one for us.

A few other things happened today. Well those pesky hotdogs that are trash and disgusting and those awful donuts that are horrible…. well yep you guessed it.. we now eat them once again.. what will I do with the stock of reese cereal… either way it is food and that is all that matters. How long will he eat it this time? No one knows. But we will take it. Everyday a new surprise.. everyday a new obstacle.. everyday a new challagne.. everyday a new journey.

Today we didnt have as many personalities come. Johnny came pretty frequently this evening but we dont mind him as much. He would come and go. I believe he was just exhausted today. His body and mind both were worn out. Tomorrow is a new day. So we will see what it brings.

We dont get through everyday gracefully, but we get through everyday.

As we always do

Onward and upward

Difference a haircut can make.