Lifes not always full of sunshine

Life isnt always great and grand. Life isnt always spectacular. Sometimes life is storms and tornados.

Our life is a combination of all of the above. The past few days have went from good to bad to ok to hurricane in minutes. Life is what you make of it. Our life is lived. Our life is learned.

One minute playing a game… next throwing punches because of food. Screaming at the top of his lungs that everyone hates him. That’s how our day was yesterday. We went from Johnny crying because the cat wouldnt come say hi. Few hours later John came and was mad because things were out of place, and needed to be done now.. not later, but now. Then dinner time rolls around and all hell breaks loose. Food was the issue. Ofcourse it was. Food is always an issue. We have been through it, let’s just weather this storm. But this one was a little different. It lasted 3 hrs. Resulting in food everywhere, being punched in the ear, restriant.. thinking all was ok. Both exhausted.. nope ding ding round 2. Comes down stairs. Hopefully to eat…. because you know I fixed him horrible disgusting trash to eat. Nope not eating this time either. Forks fly.. food here and there. Goes back upstairs… begins hitting himself saying how stupid Zeq is… clearing Jeffrey is here now!! Uggh.. this will get interesting. Pinching his stomach saying how hungry he is, no one likes him, everyone hates him, we just want to starve him. Then punching starts hitting himself in face and stomach. Starts turning red, so restraint again. We try our best to let it run its course without intervention because sometimes intervention makes it worse or even start all over. Finally.. they all leave.. Zequal comes down and eats.. he is upset that he lost his playstation, because he has no idea what just transpired in the last few hours. So he is crying and yelling, but he is exhausted so it didnt last long. Got his medicine down him finally because he was having no part in taking it peacefully… got his snack and he was out.

This morning rolls around.. first the car wont even begin to start.. then Zeq wakes up and its Johnny straight off.. so he cant take medicine or eat cereal. But luckily and thankfully he didnt stay long. Luckily he had a dr appt this evening. Got car started, and made it through dinner this evening.

Just because you have bad moments, doesnt have to mean you have a bad life. We roll with the punches literally sometimes. We make do with what we have and continue you on with our day. We can dwell on the last few days, or we can go on. Because reality is Zeq doesnt remember yesterday from today so we would be dwelling by ourselves. Lifes not meant to be perfect, it’s meant to be lived. That’s just what we will do.. we will live it.

As always

Onward and upward

If you listen you can hear the change in voices, and yes at end is hitting.