Now onto Jeffrey..

Jeffrey is a fun one… not so much.. Jeffrey is late teen, early twenties. He is extremely stubborn. He is a force for sure. He doesnt refer to me mom, mommy, or even mother!! I’m hey man, dude, partner, or simply what’s up.

He is the one who you have to watch when it is medicine time. Either he will simply refuse. Saying its chemicals that go to his brain, to putting them under his tongue to throw away. He has specifically said “Zeq may need this but I dont” he has what we call it as a hippie, surfer mentality. The “ehh” I dont care. Or I’m just not gonna.

He is a hard personality to handle. He gets very angry very fast. When he meltdowns it is of epic proportions. It can be over anything at anytime. Whether it is medicine, food, or just life. He goes into a rage and it lasts sometimes upwards of an hour or more. Usually ending in restraint. Jeffery is not very welcome here.

He comes once or twice a week. We are thankful it isnt all the time like some of the others. We deal with it as it comes. We have told Jeffrey he can leave at anytime when he does come. He usually does the most damage in every sense, physically, property and other. He exhausts both myself and Zeq.

But we do what we do best. We keep on keeping on. We wish things could be easier. But this is our life and we live it not exactly how we want, but how we need.

Like we always say.

Onward and upward!!