The new kid on the block…

So onward… the newest alter/personality to join our family.. he has no name.

To put it easiest.. he is sick. Sick like has the flu sick. Sore throat, emotional, cant do anything sick. Probably the weirdest oddest thing I have ever encountered.. well maybe not.. but needless to say it is up there.

He just came probably a week, week in half ago. He actually came the night he no longer wanted salisbury steak. When he talks it sounds as if his throat is so sore. To the point I looked at him and ask if he was ok and if he wanted to go to dr because it sounded that bad. He said no. Ask him if he wanted some medicine. Again said no. The cough he had, definitely didnt sound like a fake cough but also at same time didnt sound like Zeq coughing. So this alter caught me off guard. Not only was it an odd night for not eating Salisbury steak but now he was getting sick.

But that’s the kicker, when the alter left Zeq didnt have a sore throat, not did he cough anymore. Talked fine, not emotional went about his day. During the time he was here, he sat and cried and cried. Real tears, hitting himself, throwing himself down. Then the sick sounds. Got him in a bath and when he came out, nothing was wrong. Next morning normal Zeq. No sickness. Ok maybe a fluke.. we could only wish.

This alter has came back at some point everyday. He doesnt stay long. Not violent, just hits himself on the knees and cries and cries. We knew something was up because our cat walked by him, and he didnt even acknowledge her, and she is Zeqs favorite by far. He always talks to her no matter what or who he is. But not this guy. We dont know who he is or where or why he came. But we know everytime he comes has cough, sore throat and just cries. He only stays for 10 mins or so. Then goes and Zeqs back to his normal self.

Definitely new, and on the odder side. But hey what’s life if it’s not interesting. Just set him a dinner plate at the table along with the others.

Onward and upward as always.