Now onto John. John has been with us for a bit. Not as long as the last two. He is a very well spoken man. But as well has a very mono tone to him. Guessing late 30s by his mannerisms. He uses large terminology. He calls me mother, not mom, or mommy like Zeq. He is very OCD. Everything has a proper place in his world and he can not stand to have anything on him. John wears a shirt at all times. Where as Zeq takes his off at the first chance he gets.

John is very specfic picky person. He has to wash his hands with only dawn soap. It has to be the original blue soap. He becomes easily angered when things a not “just right” in his world. He is extremely indecisive. He has caused many of the meltdowns that have involved any choice of any sort. He does acknowledge Zeq. He will often say Zequal is this, Why Zequal?!?! He only calls him Zequal.

John is not a scary man at all until the meltdown comes. Then he becomes violent. Inflicting pain on himself, my self, or destroying some of Zeqs favorite things. Things Zeq would never think to break like throw is ps controller, or break his legos. John doesnt care about any of them. He has said he just needs things to be in order. He cant live with the chaotic mess of toys. He cant be bothered with simple things. Everything has a purpose and place in John’s mind.

In Zequals world every day does have a place, but not the places you would think. Specfic spots for army cars compared to police cars. It looks like a jumbled mess to you and I but to Zeq it is perfect. We believe it drives John insane, which in turn drives Zeq insane if that makes any sense. As long as John can have some sort of order, cleanliness he can come and go without a meltdown. But if there is something out of place(to him) or something as small as not having blue dawn a raging meltdown comes. It is not pretty and it exhausts Zeq and myself throughly.

I have looked at Zeq and ask John to leave. He tells me no and that he will stay as long as he needs. I assume to get things in order. We dont like when John comes. He is one that can stay away forever.

On another note…. Zeq brought home a monitor and more remotes home today. He sure was excited.

Onward and upward

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