Here comes Johnny…

I figured I’d take the time to dive a little deeper into each of Zequals personalities..aka alters.

I figure we could start with Johnny. See Johnny is probably the one that I dont mind as much as some of the others. I dont have a clue where his name came from. Zeqs favorite names to name his things are John, so I assume it is something to do with that. But also he has an alter who’s name is John, so could be a descendant from him as well.

Now Johnny is toddler give or take between 2 and 3 years of age. He has a clumsy walk to him, he tends to rock when he is sitting, he is semi potty trained but does have accidents on occasion. He is a very over stimulated kid, easily distracted and often hard to redirect. He is very stubborn.

We always know when Johnny comes, he is very easy to spot and hear. He squeals, jumps up and down when something new is brought in the house or at anytime he sees the cat or dog. Johnny isnt violent at all. He does have meltdowns. But they are meltdowns you would see any toddler have when they are told no throwing himself on the floor crying.

We would imagine Johnny is going through his terrible twos/threes. He has a certain kind of foods he likes, and he only uses his hands to eat, and by the end of dinner he has it all over himself. Johnny doesnt or has never referred to Zeq. He has said his name is Johnny, the most usual response he gives is “me hungry” “me want tea”

It is easy to regain control when Johnny comes. If you get down on Zeqs level and call his name. After a few times(sometimes have to be louder) Zeq will usually look at you and ask what. He will be back to himself, his voice, his normal stature, everything. He will go about his day as nothing was even going on. We dont know if best to let the personalities run their course, or take control. Sometimes there is no controlling them no matter what the circumstances are.

With Johnny, he comes very often, few times a day staying 10/15 mins here and there. He is harmless. He just likes shiny things. He doesnt bother anyone (except the cat) he doesnt break things or anything. He is the one who is most tolerated.

You know it’s taken a lot years to be able be tolerant and understand what is happening. No I’m not perfect by any means not will I ever be. But i will keep looking for the answers to my own questions. You know..the.. what happens if one of these alters stay? Will the strongest personality become the most dominant? Those answers I dont know. But I will always look for the answers. I will always be Zeqs mom no matter what. I will always try my best. Some ask what it is like. Well everyone should watch split. No it’s not exactly the same. But everytime the door opens you wonder who it will be. No one ever said life would be perfect. At the end of the day my family has a lot of stories to tell, and Johnny’s story is one of them.

As always onward and upward

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