Not all things change…

In life the only thing that is constant is change..

Kids as they grow, their taste and interest change. Sometimes so quickly.. somethings you will buy 100s of dollars of lightning mcqueen’s, then two days later to find it is not the “cool” thing. Yes it is frustrating, but also liberating because your kid is growing up and developing who they are.

Well you see… Zeq is not that.. yes he has grown.. and things have changed here and there, the small stuff. But mainly it is all the same. He has used the same blanket to sleep with for years. He has a pillow that he was given at birth, that literally has had to go everywhere with him. He plays his video games, collects his cars, eats same foods, only drinks tea, when he goes outside he picks flowers, feathers, plays with his millions guns, does puzzles, 95% percent of his life is the same as it has always been. Not that, that is a bad thing. It’s very predictable excluding the changes in foods.

It is helpful around holidays, because for whatever reasoning in his head he believes he can only ask for 1 thing for his birthday, from Santa etc. So it is fairly easy to fill in all of the blanks. He has forever loved electrical things(cords, fan, heaters) He once ask Santa for a box fan, he was thrilled to be able to ask him.

He has no care in the world on what kind of clothes he wears, or shoes only thing is they have specfic things, no tags, straps, and socks must be over his ankles. He wouldnt care if they were pink or green.

He doesnt care what kind of party he has for his birthday. He could care less what kind of bookbag he carries to school. Life for Zeq is pretty cut and dry.

With the other two kids it is inevitable that they will ask for this or that this week, and then we buy for the following week and they dont like it. Or will want to only shower for months, then one day it’s only baths for now on.

Change is inevitable and always ongoing. We change everything every week. But Zequal is just happy to be the same all the time. He doesnt need to rearrange his room, or a fancy new comforter set. He would much rather live the exact way everything is, and wear his Ghostbusters hoodie for the 3rd year in a row.

Some may say things because he wears the same hoodie everyday(it is washed often) or may think it is weird that he has the same blanket for the last 8 years(also washed often)

But why does it matter… it doesnt to us, and definitely does not to him. He is just happy living his life the way he is. That is a ok to us..

Added some pictures through his years, his flowers, his games, I could take pictures everyday and they would be similar. Only difference is his looks.

As always

Onward and upward