Just keep swimming…

Just like Dory says.. just keep swimming, just keep swimming.. you know what I say to Dory?!?! I dont know how to swim.

So Johnny(toddler) was here for dinner this evening.. he ate hotdogs.. which I am actually thankful for. It is something other than homeade spaghetti. Johnny is harmless. He squeals when he sees the cat. Pretty much like having a toddler going through terrible twos… touches everything over and over. Walks stumbly… on his tip toes. But overall personality that I dont mind as much (if I had to pick one it would be him.) But we got through dinner so that is what matters.

Johnny stayed for about an hour. Zeq came back and ask me what’s for dinner.. I said you already ate buddy… he said oh and went upstairs.. he has been quiet ever sense. Not talking to anyone now. 😦 that’s how our days go one minute up, the next down, then start over again.

The seasons changing do not help the situations either. So today’s rise in personalities could be because of cooler weather. Notoriously end of October until January are our worst months. We think it because change of weather(pants) breaks in school, stimulation of Santa coming. We dont really know for sure though. We definitely do not look forward to it.

On another note. Yesterday Zeq brought home his “haul” internet cords, upon cords and even more cords. Then he was like mom I got these remotes. So he shows me.. not the remote I thought of… they are like clickers for projectors.. he was excited about it. So he said a few remotes, well the real truth is… he brought home 15 of them. He is thrilled about these. He has a pile of stuff. As he plans to get more. He told me he maj bring home a monitor…. not sure for what… but we will see come home Monday.

All I know is he was so excited to tell me about them, and that alone makes it worth it.

Going along with blog yesterday’s blog, I saw this picture I figured I would share.. on how others view disabled.

As always, onward and upward!!!

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