When you think of disabled….

What do you think of when you here the word disabled? One of my first thoughts has nothing to do with people, adults, or children.. my first thought when hear it.. is actually like hearing disabled vehicle on the road. Use caution. So disabled vehicle.. that’s what dispatchers, police, fireman call a broke down vehicle.

So by labeling our children with disabled. Does that mean we are calling them broken? There is a medical definition of disabled..and then there is a in general definition. Both meaning the same with different wording. Not having the capacity (mechanical or mentally)

So basically they are saying they are inoperable, or henderences… well I disagree.. Zeq is not broken. Nor does he have a capacity problem. The problem I believe is the labeling that is given. Yes he has a disability, but that by no means, says he is broken. Yes he learns differently from you and I, but that does not mean he is stupid. The only thing broken is that someone is allowed to label someone that way. Why do they have to be disabled… why cant they just be autistic?!?!

Zeq may not have the ability to learn a specific way(by definition of a school) But instead of force feeding him books and the politically correct way.. why not figure out a way to teach so that everyone can learn? Because for some autistic when they learn something, the first time they learn it is the right and only way to them. So you need to be precise the first time. Because that first time is their only time.

By giving kids or adults the label of disabled, it is taking away from who and what they really are. Because by giving them a label it is kinda like blacklisting them for the rest of their life. It’s like autistic child going out for school sport….you hear oh sorry he is disabled they are a liability. Oh you want to use an after school program?!?! No sorry we aren’t trained for disabled kids..?!?! Like really? I wasnt trained either… so maybe I should have said hey can I get a different kid?!?! No!!! Labels break down a persons value.

Zeq learns in his own way, speaks in his own way, he is his own person. But first impressions by a stranger, somethings wrong with that boy, or that boy needs a good whipping.. like who are anyone to judge my kid. Just like me.. just because I never match my clothes people think I’m lazy, I wear shorts all year round so I must be weird, I look a certain way so I must be “unapproachable” but the truth is I am none of those. The things that a stranger sees or hear when they see Zeq are not who he is. He is a kid first and foremost but he happens to have a disability so no one wants to see past that.. they wont look past a word to get to know what kind of kid he really is.

Some of the best books have the worst covers. Sometimes you have to take a chance. Sometimes you need to give “disabled” people the benefit of the doubt instead of judging them off of a label.

Sidebar… later I will write and his “haul” today

As always through life…

Onward and upward