Dining dilemmas….

Let’s recap for a minute shall we… let’s see in the last two weeks our food in our household well as far as Zeq is concerned has dramatically changed. We no longer eat the following: Salisbury steak, ravioli, spaghetti os,mac n cheese, chicken nuggets/popcorn chicken, or donuts. His dining habits as of today are: Reese puff cereal(breakfast) pepperoni and cheese sandwich(lunch) pumpkin cookies(snack) which leads to the dilemma… what the heck am I going to feed this kid for dinner. Cant give him a choice because that…well that doesnt work. Cant pick between anything..because… well theres nothing to choose from. The only thing left on his list of foods is homemade spaghetti!!! That’s it. So I can imagine that is what I’ll be making every night until one of two things happen… 1) he stops eating it, 2)he adds another food to his rotation.. I’d say the first will likely happen first the way things seem to be rolling.

Somedays days it is harder than others. These past few days with food have been rough. It’s easily said probably worst we have had to deal with. He has never “lost” so many foods without replacing it. When we lose donuts we have cereal, when we lose mac n cheese we have potatoes. It’s really just a never ending rotation of around 5-7 foods. But now it is concerning mainly because they havent been replaced.

So what happens exactly if spaghetti makes an appearance and then leaves as quickly?!?! I honest to God have no idea. I wanna say hey yea we got this, everything will be ok. But I cant honestly sit here and tell all of you that. We have never reached this level, this is a bridge we have never crossed. It is scary. Because what if he says yep not eating..or it is meltdown after meltdown all evening because he is hungry and or exhausted.

This is a foreign country to us. We are treading lightly as we go. Zeq isnt the kind of kid I can say oh hey we are having this for dinner, he is the kinda kid you suit up in your kevlar and lightly, slowly say hey here’s dinner and hope for the best.

He doesnt seemed phased by it. Unnerved or anything. So not sure if it is Zeq making all the decisions or not. It is throwing us all for a loop. But either way we and he will push forward. Because we can sit and wait for the explosion to happen, or we can grab an umbrella and go on about our day. Definitely something new. Definitely doesnt help our “special case” label.. but hey be an interesting journey added on top to say the least… as always…

Onward and upward

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