He got the goods!!

When I tell ya Zeq is a different kind of human, believe me he is. You know we have knock down drag out meltdowns, we have multiple personalities at every meal we share, we have laughter, we have exhaustion. We also have a one of a kind kid. He will never fit into the “norm” nor do I ever want him too.

This came up because after school, he was grumpy, didnt play his phone so that is a tale tale sign of someone else is here. Quiet, aggravated someone. Usually doesnt bother anyone. Unless you are talking to that personality.

Either way.. this one came and went. Then after Zeq comes and tells us about school. You know most kids tell ya about their day, their homework, what was for lunch. Nope not Zeq… he proceeds to tell us about the computer room raid that he did today. Oh let me tell you he starts pulling cords out of his pockets, other cords out of the front of his bookbag.. he doesnt even know what some of these are for.. but he says you never know could be useful one day. Then he brings his bookbag…. unzips… speakers everywhere.. not one or two but multiples. Why?!?! Do we need these?!?! Apparently we do. He is hooking them up to his game, his phone.. you know because I guess we need them. Well not we… he..

You know some find it strange… but that’s a ok to us.. some people cant see past the “junk” or the “that’s dumb”.. but if you lived this life everyday you would welcome this bookbag full of speakers, because he was excited. Did it hurt anyone that he brought them home… nope.. is it just speakers ofcourse that’s all it is to you and me. But what is it to Zeq?!?! It’s not just a speaker, or a cord. It is a purpose for and to him. He gets to go to this room at the end of the day only if he does well, only if he gets all of work done. So to me it is a pretty good incentive for a disabled kid to get through a day of school which he hates. So to him these speakers mean a break at the end of the day to look at stuff he loves, means a minute or two by himself without having to walk through the crowded halls, means he had a good day. Means more than a million dollars to him.

These random little things to other kids his age are just trash nothing more. They make fun of someone for it. But to someone something as stupid as a cord means the world to these kids.

Does this make them dumb, weird, awkward, or any less than a kid than someone not disabled?!?! NO it does not. If your kids sees something wrong with a kid being so excited over a used speaker and has a problem with it. Maybe that’s more of a problem than my kid collecting something..

One persons treasures may not have the same meaning as your treasure. But doesnt mean it’s any less valuable. Value is in the eye of the beholder. I can tell you all Zeqs treasures have more value than the dollar sign attached to it.

Onward and upward

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