Sometimes things so simple are the best. Sometimes we dont need a million dollars, fancy cars, or much of anything.

Sometimes something as small as a small foam ornament kit are just enough. For Zeq that’s how huge the littlest of things can be. It didnt need to have flashing lights, or be dipped in gold. Just foam kit with stickers.

I wish everything could be that easy in life. I wish people could appreciate the simplest of things the way he does. Because things dont need to be anymore than what they really are. You dont need to impress people with clothes, shoes, money, cars. You can just be you. No overthinking.. therea no need in comparing it to others to see if this one is better or that one is better.

Because to Zequal it is pretty awesome just being foam. This day(from picture) was just that super excited to do this project. On any given day you get the same result. It could be from going to school and getting to bring old computer parts home.. to going to the park and finding a feather(he has lots) it’s just the beautiful bliss of his face lighting up over something that others turn their nose up at.

If everyone would slow down just to see that they are missing out on all the good stuff… because they are too busy.. they are running late… yes by all means Zeqs moods, personalities are up and down everyday of his life. But in that moment on a good day. Life is so much better because of a project. Believe me he will tell you stories about some of his projects.

He will tell you his elves bring these projects, he will tell you his sweetie pie gives him boxes to put his treasures in. Sometimes if your lucky he will share a treasure with you. He doesnt think the way we do. He doesnt act they way everyone wants him too. But guess what, he doesnt care what anyone thinks of him, he doesnt see when other kids laugh at him for collecting computer parts or feathers. Because he is too excited to see them. He doesnt get caught up with the busyness of life. He lives it at his own pace. Whether you want to keep up with him or not. Yes by all means we have our fair share of bad days.. but we go minute to minute not day to day. Because it changes so quickly. But on our good minutes they are epic.

Pictures are of good days. Just because we live the life of having a disability doesnt mean we dont get to have good times too.

Onward and upward

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