Brain scans..

Zequal has had many test throughout his life. Some just simple talking tests, some written, some in the hospital. This was last year he had to get an MRI, and an eeg. He was not a happy camper.

He was convinced that during the eeg they were going to send some sort of waves into his brain through these sticky pads. I mean if you think about it he has a valid point. These tests are never fun, they exhaust us all. That day these stuck out so much because it had its funny moments. So initially thought they were putting waves in his head from these computers.. we assured him they were not. So down a few flights of steps for the MRI. Hes not going. Hes not getting an iv, and they are absolutely not taking of his pants… wait what?!?! Backup.. why would they be taking off your pants?..!? Tears mom I dont want to take off my pants. Ok buddy they aren’t taking them off, hence why you wear softpants. Still doesnt believe me. So before the nurse talks to him, I pull the nurse aside(like I do at most appts) and tell the nurse “you need to tell Zeq that you are not putting an iv in him and you are by no means taking his pants off” the nurse laughed and ask why he would think that?!?! I said probably for same reason he thought the eeg was going to send weird waves into his brain.

But they gave him some happy medicine to relax him then he went and got his tests done. When he woke up he had pants on and no ivs so all was well.

They were looking for anything that could be wrong from his brain down his spine. He has no reflexes when he is tested. When he sticks his tongue it goes sideways. You know special case.. nothing showed on the tests so was a good day.

This story makes me laugh about needing to make sure he had pants on.

Onward and upward

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