This kid…

Let me tell you.. I literally laughed the whole time after picking him up from school. So the school got a remodel so they are apparently upgrading all their computers. So a few weeks back he brought home a keyboard.. let me tell you he was so excited. So then yesterday apparently he brought home keyboard for rylee.. headset for hayden.. some speakers for himself. When I got home.. he says mom I got you something. I wasnt feeling well so he said it would make you feel better. Told me to close my eyes… and he puts in my hand a mother board… yep a mother board. He was thrilled he told me he would keep it in a safe place. It did for sure make me smile…

Onto today.. he gets in car and his mouth is going about mile a minute. Opens his book bag and tells me all about his treasures today…. ethernet cords, another headset, cords, a remote for a Dell, I dont even know whatelse… he is so excited.. oh and he picked me up a hard drive.. he is going to keep it safe for me.. he tells me there were about 15 spiders in the tote with the cords.. he grabbed them real fast he said.

He proceeds to tell me.. mom they have whole desk tops… I said oh.. well that’s cool. He said mom I am going to figure out how to put one in my backpack to bring home.. as he is telling me this he is beaming.. so I can imagine within a week this child will have a desktop on his backpack come hell or high water.

It made me laugh so much you needed to be here to hear him going so fast.

Like I always says it’s the little things…

Onward and upward

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