Some autistic kids are just that. They are just autistic and nothing more. They can go through life without medication. They do well through routine,school, and therapies. Some other autistic people have other diagnoses that go along with it and they need further help. More intense therapies, more structured routine, more tests and medicine.

Zequal wasn’t fortunate in only needing routine and some therapies. Zeq has had many occupational therapies, so speach therapy, extensive behavioral therapy, routine, specialized classes, institution, and much more.

When it comes to medicine it takes a cocktail of them to keep him stable. Sometimes they work sometimes they dont. We have tried numerous different kinds, times of days, etc.

He takes medicines that his doctors tell me if I would take his nighttime medicine I would possibly sleep for 2/3 days and it doesnt even make him tired. It takes a team of doctors to decide when he needs to take them and how often. To make sure nothing interacts with them.

To give you an example of his medicine. His anti physcotic he takes. He takes an extremely high dosage that is also a 24 hr release. But it doesnt begin to cover 24 hours. His doctor needs him to take more but insurance companies do not think a child should need more. Have had to send stacks of documents to show why he does. His 24 hr dose lasts him on a good day around 5 hours. This medicine is used to keep his personalities at bay. So it is stragically timed to get the most useful time out of it.

He also takes medicine, for his anxiety, for his adhd, for his nerves. If he doesnt have 1 of these medicines he shakes, cries, screams, personalities come out even more.

Imagine the pharmacy being out of one of these for even just a day. Not all medicines are made to stay in your system. Imagine having a headache and cant get any tylenol how you think your head is going to explode. Now think of how Zequals head feels if he doesn’t have one of his.

We make jokes with the pharmacy that when it is time to refill the pharmacy percentage for the day is always up. We make jokes and laugh about it. Because if we dont laugh about it we would probably cry. Seeing all these pills everyday go into this little guys body. But no matter how I feel about these medicines, I know without them he wouldn’t be able to get out of bed. It makes me mad, cringe, sad all rolled into one. But I know it is what’s best and what is needed for him to be even a little bit stable.

Onward and upward

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