No more ravioli!!!!

Well I told you things escalate quickly here. Well was all fine and dandy. He liked ravioli the other day. Make him ravioli tonight. War broke loose. 40 minutes of yelling crying hitting. All because of ravioli?! After the dust settled he sat down and ate the ravioli. No we do not make another dinner, because it would happen all the time from one of the 3. But will Zequal get ravioli again. Nope not gonna happen.. not until he says hey mom why cant I have ravioli? Give or take 6 months.. maybe longer depends on him and whatever personality he is or was.

Because after he calmed down long enough to eat. Was as if nothing ever happened. Went and bath, took medicine, and now playing his game.

Goes to show you just how quick, without warning things go to point a…to point world war 3.

All that matters, he is fed and now Zeq again. Onward and upward we will go.

Just a boy and his ravioli…. curse you chef boyardee.

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