First world problems..

First and foremost I wanna say thank you to everyone who has been reading the blogs. I appreciate it. I enjoy writing them.

Now back to it…what you guys really came to read. So thinking about today’s post….complications frustrations problems Zequal experiences in day to day life.

First World prob┬Ělem

plural noun: First World problem
a relatively trivial or minor problem or frustration (implying a contrast with serious problems such as those that may be experienced in the developing world)

I will say recently where we live has adopted the sensitive Santa and Easter bunny making it nice for kids who have problems with crowds, lighting etc to be able to visit their favorite characters. So a big high five to you guys.

Going out in public.. flourcent lighting in general bothers Zeq and gives him a migraine(he gets them often without lighting) not to mention the crowds. Having like online shopping is nice and a big help to families.

Stopping a restraunt that do not serve tea, or the have tea but has lemon. Autistic kids do not vary from what they eat and drink what so ever. Believe me I know. But they should be able to go out to eat too and not just McDonald’s.

Love go to zoo or amusement parks??! We do too but it is too much for Zequal. Getting into zoo or park or place of fun is rather chaotic. Be nice to have shortened line or designated line(parents of disabled would appreciate it) or even one day a year allotted for them, to allow them to walk around without being on high alert. I know I would attend on those days.

Trick or treating now days says up to 13 in most neighborhoods.. say what?!?! Sorry about it Zequal will be trick or treating he loves it. I can tell you one thing.. child, teenager or adult who takes the time to dress up will be getting candy from me. Who makes the rules of tricking or treating anyways…yes Zequal absolutely wears his own clothes but takes a gun..that’s how he is comfortable.. yes by all means does he take a bit to pick his candy.. but that doesnt mean he is being greedy or slow.. you see a bowl of candy, he sees a ocean full of brightly colored fish,(candy)and his mind cant keep up to pick one. So please be patient when giving candy. Some disabled kids like Zeq love Halloween but ignorant people who think he is too old or slow should not be allowed. Well sorry about it he will trick or treat if he is too slow for your liking turn off your porch light.

Family restrooms.. no I’m not going to gender debate which one you can use or cant use. But family restrooms are very helpful for parents of disabled kids. You can send them in so they can go, or if need they are big enough for you to go with them, without fear or being talked to, or fear of them locking themself in the stall(been there) or even just as simple to make sure they wash their hands or flush. We know which stores have them on to which ones we can stop if he has to pee.

There are tons more I’m sure I’ll think of as the blog goes on, just a few off top of my head.

Everyday life seems to inconvenience everyone wether they have to wait for gas pump, their nail broke, wait 5 seconds to check out and they all complain. But parents of a disabled child do not complain, but yet apologize when their child gets loud or antsy(even though they have no control of it) I’m not saying change all companys and life as we know it to conform to disabled. We are able and willing to do what we need for our kids already. But you know a trip to zoo one day every other year where we aren’t rushed and pushed when we look at the tiger too long. Or even if we make it up to see him because of the crowd. What about organizing a trick or treat that everyone is included maybe just give candy and not the option to pick. Maybe just maybe let a disable kid win best costume for their “non” costume. By all means we have came a long way from where we were years ago. We have sensitive santa and the special Olympics. But dont let up now. Let’s put humanity back into humans. Zequal may not have a strong voice but I do. Why do they have to settle for ok opportunities when everyone else gets the chance to have best of the best. Myself personally would personally attend quiet day at a zoo. Or even a local craft shop setting up a painting for a purpose. These kids are not awkward or weird..they are just kids give them a chance and you will be rewarded with smiles and high fives!

Onward and upward

No more ravioli!!!!

Well I told you things escalate quickly here. Well was all fine and dandy. He liked ravioli the other day. Make him ravioli tonight. War broke loose. 40 minutes of yelling crying hitting. All because of ravioli?! After the dust settled he sat down and ate the ravioli. No we do not make another dinner, because it would happen all the time from one of the 3. But will Zequal get ravioli again. Nope not gonna happen.. not until he says hey mom why cant I have ravioli? Give or take 6 months.. maybe longer depends on him and whatever personality he is or was.

Because after he calmed down long enough to eat. Was as if nothing ever happened. Went and bath, took medicine, and now playing his game.

Goes to show you just how quick, without warning things go to point a…to point world war 3.

All that matters, he is fed and now Zeq again. Onward and upward we will go.

Just a boy and his ravioli…. curse you chef boyardee.