With colder weather the last few days, it has made me cringe. I don’t mind it. I welcome fall, not so much winter.

But cringe because something so simple as pants is a huge deal around our house. Zeq absolutely hates pants. Everything about them. These ones are too stiff, those ones to long, they hurt his waist, there too big..and so on and so forth.

You think what’s the big deal about pants. I couldnt tell you other than he hates them. Maybe it is just as simple as they aren’t shorts. Maybe it is the weight of them. Possibly because they go under his shoes. I dont know the reasoning. All I know is it is horrible. First day of pants is horrifying. We havent made the transition to pants yet. But it is quickly upon us.

We have to stragically adapt to pants. Cant make him wear them too soon, because then if gets warm again and can wear shorts after, then you have to go through the nightmare of reintroducing the pants again.

I have thought about just sending him in shorts even on cold days because it is much easier to make him run into a warm school and be done. He gets shorts still, but it is frowned upon and possibly illegal when it is 5 degrees outside. So it is an ongoing dilemma we have. Pants or not pants?! Is it too soon?! Will I be arrested for child neglect?! Is being arrested better than being punched in the face?!?! You know all the questions that I dont seem to have the answers for.

I wish it was simple for Zequal everyday, but for pants especially. We have tried jogging pants, thin pants, hemmed pants, light pants, dark pants, you name the pants we have tried them. To no avail he hates pants.

No way that I explain to him makes pants any better. He dont understand why he cant wear shorts in -30 weather. I feel him I can wear shorts all the time, but if have to wear pants than it is ok.

So sometimes in life the littlest things can cause weeks/months of meltdowns in our home.

So as the weather gets colder, if you see kids or even adults struggling. Please don’t assume they are misbehaving. It may be something as small as they had to wear pants that day.

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I may do a question and answer blog later on if anyone has any questions they would like to ask.

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