Somethings about Zeq a lot of people don’t know, nor do they even care to ask or know. These are just randomness..

He owns more hotwheels than a store shelf holds.

He sleeps sitting up in a rocking chair.. he has a perfectly good bed.

He buys things in multiples(have no idea why)

His routine after school is to put “soft shorts” on even if he is already wearing them, and take his shirt off.

When getting a bottle of tea he “needs” two at all times.

If he has a good behaviour day at school he gets two snacks, he never eats the second one.

He loves getting birthday cards.

If you tell him happy birthday on his birthday he usually says it back to you instead of thank you.

He only hugs and kisses when it is time to go to school or if told too.

He believes in Santa, Easter bunny and toothfairy.

He can put together a puzzle flipped over with no picture.

He only takes baths never showers.

He can make the exact sounds of an ambulance, police car, gun fire with his mouth.

He has never drank soda.

He only eats grape suckers.

He has never had his haircut outside of his own home.

He has had multiple sets of teeth.

He has had 2 broken bones.

He can complete a video game in one day.

Before he drank tea he only drank strawberry milk out of a green cup.

His favorite thing is Christmas trees/lights.

He is a collector of everything.

He has 30+ stuffed animals(all with names)

He only dresses up as a cop or army for Halloween for the last 13 years.

He has a fascination with electrical/fans/heaters(he once asked santa for a box fan)

He only wears shorts(meltdowns ensue when it gets cold)

He has been placed in an institution.

His favorite tv show is criminal minds, but only watches tv as he is walking through the living room, even though he has a tv in his room.

He is very good at simple math.

His loves old cars.

He probably owns over 200 toy guns.

He loves to swim.

His best friend is his sweetiepie(my mom, he gave her that name a long time ago)

Just some interesting facts, theres about a million more but we have a lot of blogs left left to write. He is a very fascinating person. Just letting you in to know him some more..


No I’m not talking about animals going into hibernation. Maybe hibernation is the wrong word. Either way… if Zequal could he would never leave his room. Let alone his house. When I say never leave, I really mean never he would be a happy camper.

He is content in his four walls of his bedroom. He could care less about what going on in other parts of the house let alone other parts of the state, or world.

Most people enjoy their home. Would rather be there than anywhere. But you know enjoy going out to dinner, or get groceries or just for a long drive. Or even in the winter we all get cabin fever. Just need to get out of the house.

Not with Zequal. Hes not the kid who wants to watch movies in the living room. He prefers to eat alone. Hes not the brother to hang out in his siblings rooms or even try and go in their room. He doesnt enjoy sitting outside on the porch. Bon fire roasting marshmallows he would rather be in his room. Wether he is playing his games, watching utube, lining up his cars, or building legos. He would rather do it alone. He does ask if we want to watch him play his games from time to time. But it’s just sitting on his bed. You can do whatever you want he just enjoys the company from time to time.

So maybe hibernation is the wrong word. Maybe it is like an all exclusive resort that he is living in his bedroom. Because even bears like to come out when it is spring time. Winter, spring, summer or fall he would rather be in there. When he does go out in the real world we get what we need done and it is back to his reality. He does like to once and awhile stay with his sweetiepie, and again he prefers to be inside.

We do things outside of the house as often as we can. Not to push him out, not to make him uncomfortable, not to punish him. Simply because we are living life theres things that have to be done. We do try once a month to do a “fun” thing such as baseball game, mall, zoo, science center. Some are great fun, some are huge fails. He isnt a fan of baseball, fishing, or movie theaters. He enjoys the drive in, museums, zoo. He enjoys things that you can learn things. We try to pick something that all three could enjoy a lil without being something just for boys or just for girls.

He likes to eat out after our fun thing but mainly through the drive thru. He tolerates ihop but that’s about the only one. He likes smaller groups with less people. He is perfectly happy living in his 4 walls for the rest of his life. Yes I never have to worry about him running away. But sad at same time because he is afraid of the unknown of what’s outside.

Imagine never leaving your house or even wanting too. Or being to afraid too.