Everyone has accomplishments everyday. Some big, some small. I feel accomplished if I just make it through the day. Life in general is usually an accomplishment for me.

When you have kids you write down all accomplishments in the baby books, or in a post on your social media. Most that are shown or wrote about are major milestones.. you know the my kid said first word, rolled over, walked, ate solid foods, first day of kindergarten, first day of high school, graduation, college, marriage, kids etc. But sometimes the little ones go unnoticed or maybe it wasnt big enough.. I dont know.

Zeqs little accomplishments are huge and his big accomplishments are epic. Ofcourse he had the normal accomplishments throughout his life. Later than average, and some still havent came. But we have huge milestones that may seem awkward to some but magical to us.

Last year on his birthday we had a game(he usually doesnt participate in them) it was 5 buckets all covered and you had to stick your hand in it and find a prize. It was a Halloween themed party so the following buckets were there. One had pumpkin guts, hair conditioner, dry rice, warm water etc. Those who know Zequal know he isnt about to stick his hand in it. Well he ask if he could find a prize why yes yes you can. We picked the rice bucket because it was dry. Hesitant but he did he stuck his hand in it. That maybe stupid or small to someone.. but guess what that was something huge for us.

A few years ago zeq was in occupational therapy. His therapist was like his best friend. Zeq trusted him. Well he ask zeq if he wanted to write his name in shaving cream.. no he did not. For months he ask zeq the same question three times a week. One day he ask zeq said maybe. He told zeq ge could wash his hands right after and would put a towel right beside him. Zeq still didnt know. He told him he would write in it with him. So guess what he did it. Only for a few words. But after months and months he did it.

Another time, zeq wants nothing to do with bikes, at all. Believed to have a fear of falling. Same therapist as above, had an adaptive bike. He ask if I minded if he tried with Zequal. I said no sure have at it. Skeptical.. but he got him on it.. and Zeq absolutely loved it. It was used as a reward from there after. Not only was that a huge milestone for zeq it made my heart happy. His therapist saw zeq enjoyed it so much he signed him up and was able to get Zeq his very own adaptive bike. Zeq even got to pick the color…neon green. His therapist never gave up on him and as a result he had 2 of the biggest milestones with him.

Few months ago at a family cookout my brother brought four wheelers, go kart over. We all rode them, all the other kids. Zeq didnt want no part at first. After everyone was done and almost time to leave he ask to ride. He got one and did a few laps. He seemed to love it. He went slow and did great. Hated the helmet though. Hey you win some and lose some.

Everyday is an accomplishment for Zeq to getting out of bed, to making it inside the school. Last year alone.. he had honor roll every grading period!!! Say what!!! Yep he did. Yes he has special education classes, an iep, and teacher aides.. but he still did that!!!

He just needs people who wont give up on him, and help him achieve all of the goals. Everyday is a learning experience and everyday we have a million fails.. but as long as there is one accomplishment no matter how small. Gives us the strength to keep going.

An accomplishment to us can be as simple as tasting a new flavored sucker, or chewing a piece of gum. Because little things matter just as much as big things, or maybe even more..

Pictures: his bike, shaving cream writing, his science project, going to school even though he was scared, riding four wheeler all by himself.