We believe!

Those who know us… know how much we believe.

What do we believe in well theres a lot. We believe in family, we believe in traditions. Anyone who knows us knows that it is getting closer to fall..and fall to us means our crafts.

You see we believe in Santa at our house. Well Zequal 100% percent does. The other two we are pretty sure question it. They dont believe in the Easter bunny but Zeq does. He probably always will.

Back to it.. see in fall it gives many opportunities to do crafts. We do crafts for Halloween, fall and a ton for Christmas. Everyone participates and all seem to enjoy.

Probably the biggest tradition we have in our house is that sometime in November Santa sends our demon elves to our house. I say elves..plural. because we dont have one…or two… but three of these. Bryan..the original elf, Penelope joined us next and brought jingles(supposed to be reindeer but pretty sure hes a moose) then last year John joined the party. They come and reek havoc upon us..they are nice once in a while. But along with them they bring packages. All wrapped and numbered. Each contain a project, game, reindeer food, writing a letter to santa(on Christmas eve the elves bring back a very personal letter to each of them, with an ornament attached, thanks sweetiepie) Every night after bath we sit down and open and complete one together. We have been doing this for going on 4 years. We look forward to it, as do the kids. We post our pictures every night on Facebook, and this year I will probably include them in the blog.

Christmas and these elves are Zeqs absolute favorite. He talks to them the looks for them etc. He gets very upset if Rylee touches them and they loose their magic and cant fly to Santa everynight.. she touches them atleast once a year.

Zeq believes in these elves so much they have to make appearances through out the year. They always come on easter.. sometimes birthdays sometimes valentines day. He believes so much in Christmas that he becomes very sad when the elves have to leave with Santa. He cries every year. He makes the reindeer extra special food and he always sets his cookies out.

You see a lot of people think kids at a certain age should stop believing… why?!?! It isnt hurting no one at all to believe. Zeq believing in Santa may never stop.

I believe in things that others dont, zeq is the same. To me believing gives you hope, and with hope anything is possible. When you stop believing and lose hope what helps you get through the day?! Without hope we would just be going through the motions of life and missing out on some amazing parts.


Pictures: Zeq reading his letter from Santa and saying goodbye to the elves….