I have touched on change a few times, and how things can change in a blink of an eye. Remember how saying he only eats certain foods…. then one day it changes without forewarning without nothing. Well yep it happened. So Zequal has been getting glazed donuts probably 2 months now every morning for breakfast. He makes sure the night before that we have them and we make sure we are properly stocked in them. He usually eats 2/3 a morning.

Well breakfast time this morning. Have his plate and fork ready to go for when he gets up. He comes down stairs takes his medicine and off he goes with his donut. Few minutes later down he comes donut in hand. It tastes bad somethings wrong with it. Mind you nothing infact is wrong with it. His brother and sister both had one and I as well the morning before.

Oh here we go. Something is wrong with them. Its tastes horrible. I cant eat it. Ok what do you want. The infamous question. So infamous when foods change. I dont know, theres nothing I eat now. Well we have tons of breakfast foods Zequal. We have the things you ate the last time before donuts. You name it we have on stand by. Because it usually rotates from strawberry poptarts, cinnamon toast crunch, chocolate chip pancakes, or french toast.. nope..nope..nope..and nope. Ok he settles for a chocolate donut not really by choice but at this point it is almost lunch.

Usually when breakfast changes it it soon after that dinner changes so we may be in for a fun week. Because this week his night time snack has changed. He wants reese cups, and now breakfast. The only constant that never ever changes is what he drinks. It is tea. Always tea never anything more. So at least theres one constant in our home.

So this evening at medicine time, tell him to get a snack. Ask so its ready buddy what do you want for breakfast. I dont know.. of course that’s the answer. So I say you have school tomorrow so we need to pick it tonight like every night. Well what do we have. Go through the list. No no no and more no. He is looking in the pantry says mom can I try these reese puff cereal… mind you he has had several times he likes them.. but open box he takes handful, eats it.. yum yum yum. That’s what he wants. Well I guess I know what I’ll be buying for the next month. Hey atleast he picked. Now if he sticks with it in the morning will be a different story.

That’s how quickly things change in our home. Just yesterday he ate 3 glazed donuts and blue doritos. Today it is all about the reeses. It’s not easy when it changes so quickly. Sometimes it is a disaster and we meltdown for hours because of it, somedays we cry about it, somedays we dont eat because of it, and somedays we have something to fill the void quickly. No matter which way it is we get through it. But change is never easy, and no matter how little of a change it is it never goes unnoticed.

Makes you think though that in our house change is that fast and that important. Act fast and be prepared.

Curse you glazed donuts….

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