You open this blog and think oh my.. it’s not that bad šŸ˜‰

So we touched on being bullied by kids, teachers.. which led us to this. But not what you think. Something that was bad turned into something great.

So few months ago Zequal was had a field trip. We were notified early on in the year. No problem I called left messages, sent letters to school. You see he was supposed to go to an amusement park. No parents were permitted…umm… so I began calling and what not.. so finally someone answered I ask: is someone going to be able to give him his medicine?..response: a teacher will be stationed at the exits he can go there to take it… next question: can i give his money to someone so they make sure he eats, has a drink etc?.? Response: he will be buddied with another student who should be able to help…

Wait what?!?! So my autistic child should just be able to walk around this park alone.. remember on his own to find an exit to take meds, and should be able to buy his food and drink.. yea ok.. so my kid only eats certain things, only drinks tea and if he sees a stuffed animal that’s where all his money is going to go.. so yea no.. I explain my concerns.. she says someone who can answer my questions will call back. Wait wait wait.. nope no phone call. Field trip comes.. yep Zequal did not go to school. What he did do..

He went on a field trip of his own. To Fort Necessity battlefield.

He loved every minute of it. He got lunch he liked. Got souvenirs. He learned a ton about something he is passionate about. We watched a descriptive movie on how they battled, how they built the fort, what guns they used(his fav part)

Then we got to see things that were used in battle. We walked down to the fort and got to look around. He looked for bullets that may have been left behind. We didnt find any. We went to George Washington’s tavern and got to see where they slept, read letters he had wrote. Lastly we got to see Braddock grave site..and we walked down to where he originally was buried.

Zeq found a feather on the ground that day, he bought some relic money(to him it is real) miniature gun of the ones they used. At lunch that day he told us about what he saw and learned. We mainly heard about the different kinds of guns they used.

When I went to the school later that month.. I told them about about field trip..apparently all miscommunication. Ok.. so I told them they should go ask Zeq about his “fieldtrip” maybe they would learn something.

Kids these days just want to have fun on field trips, be away from their parents, etc. But not Zeq.. he says it was his favorite field trip and will tell you anyday he got to see a real battlefield! Again, I know I say it a lot. But it’s the little things that mean the most.

Some pictures for you to see his field trip.

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