So on tonight’s episode.. we meet Beary…aka..giant teddy bear.. also know as Zeqs best friend.

This giant teddy bear came about last year. We had stopped at a dollar general for some reason I really cant remember why. But walk in looked around.. and we hear Zequal squeal.. yep he met Beary for the first time that day. He wanted him so bad. I said to him he is 30.00. You can save up your allowance and we can come back. He was sad, he wanted to bring him home.

The whole store trip he stood and talked to this bear, telling him all about his room, about his games, just about life I believe. When getting ready to leave, Zeq says mom he needs to come to our house because he is hurt. I said why is he hurt. Here Beary has a cut on his arm(about an inch rip). So he needs to come home with us.

I explained to him a few more times that when he has enough we can come a get him. We make him a promise to stop every few days to make sure he is ok. He reluctantly agrees and we head home. Every few days when we would go past we would stop and he would stand and talk to this teddy bear, and cry the whole way home.

It was close to his birthday so with his birthday money he counted his money and had me count it. With great news he had enough. Mom let’s go let’s go. In the car we go.(praying in my head please let this bear be there). Make it to the store and there he is. On that day Beary became apart of our family. He is absolutely his best friend. He talks to him. They play video games together. He has his own pillow and blanket as well. They share the same bday now. When bringing him home. He had to wear a seatbelt just the same as all of us.. per zeq.

This story came up today.. because after school we had stopped at a store and he got a package of boats. There were 9 packs total. We said he could get a pack and maybe tomorrow we could stop back. He was sad. All evening he has asked if we could stop tomorrow after school to get more boats. I said buddy why do you need so many. He said so he can have d-day.. ok not sure what we are doing but alright. D-Day is and a million boats.

It’s amazing how something seemly so small to most can change a persons life. Wether its boats or giant bears. Some take advantage of the little things. Zeq saw a best friend in that giant bear. He didnt see a torn arm like others did and left him there. He bandaged him up and he is perfect now. Beary came in with his “broken” arm and got all fixed up and he is now apart of our family.

Little things that bring such joy into his life is priceless.

I attached pictures of them for everyone to see the relationship they have.

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