Throw away or not?! 8/27/18

That’s a good question in our home. For Zequal the answer is always not. This kid would keep everything and I am not exaggerating one bit. If it wasn’t for the often purge or boxes, hotwheels packaging he would have them all.

Little fact other than a few cars and games and his guns he never opens anything…!! I mean anything. When he opens his gifts from birthday, Easter, Christmas 90% of the stuff stays in the packaging. Under his bed right now is probably 20 unopened lego sets. Yep he ask santa for them. But hes not ready to play with them yet.

When he was younger he would unwrap one present and be done. If I wouldn’t have unwrapped his gifts they would still be that way today.

He is the collector of all collectors. I don’t mean the normal knick knack.. I mean here are a few of his favs…

4 years ago went to the beach.. he found a piece of seaweed… put it in a bottle with ocean water.. yep still has that bottle proudly displayed. And knows where it is at all times. Or how about we went to a 50th birthday party you know the little confetti pieces that say 50. Yep sure do have a baggy full of them. He has a box full of little golden coins… I would say upward of 150 coins. Not to mean when he buys a hotwheel, he buys the exact same one in multiples of 5. Why?!?! I have no idea, his reasoning you never know when you will need an extra camouflage jeep. Or you know 7 of the same stuffed animal bunny, all with different names. Or maybe you when he broke his finger and got cast..yep he still has it. Or all those burnt out Christmas lights, you never know one day they may work again. For whatever reason he may have he will buy the same thing over and over. I’m ok with it. Atleast is something he likes, and maybe somewhere in his head he knows he already likes the look,feel of it so he wont be disappointed.

If it was up to him. He would keep everything possible. Because it is his and he doesnt understand why it needs to go away. So monthly or so while he is occupied I sit and open all the 15 million hotwheel jeeps and put them in the car box. “Car” box not the tank box, or not the army box but the car box. I open the 32 helicopters all the same ones mind you, and put them with the aircrafts. I take all the papers out of the game boxes and put them in one of his many “treasure” boxes…this one happens to be an old wooden cigar box that he loves. In the authentic army ammo box has to have tanks.

Everything is where he places it. If it is moved to clean or vaccum ut throws him off. Then comes the have you seen my..?!?! Followed by where is my…?!?!

If he could he would save everything paper cardboard and glass because he has this thing for recycling. But wants to save it up for very long time then take it all at once. He doesnt understand that we should put it out once a week. Because to him it makes more sense to have a car full then take it, because you know it’s less trips. I mean he has a point in his own way.

It’s just who he is. If it is up to him hes not going to throw that piece of string away because he can hook it to his helicopter and pull up an injured soldier. Hey he has a point.. no man left behind. We are working on throwing away the actual trash. Such as wrappers, old paper etc.. it is a process. But we will slowly get there.

So when you see a string laying on ground or when a string of Christmas lights that dont work anymore.. your trash may light up the next persons life.

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