Teeth teeth and more teeth 8/17/18

Teeth, teeth, and more teeth…

Are you ready? …..

You thought the poop story was fun?!?!

Here’s another phenomenon.. teeth… yes teeth.. oh it gets better a couple stories about Zequal and his teeth.

So you take your child to his first dentist appointment some kids are scared parents are nervous. Me well I just hoped to make it through the trip. So go in does ok considering a stranger has their hands all up in his mouth. Counting cleaning flouriding. Less than an hour doing good we got this. His dentist comes back…oh hey we wanna get xrays.. well shoot.. this should be fun.. wasnt a walk in the park but wasn’t Jurassic world either. So waiting for her to come back. She comes back and was like we need another xray..ugggh what the heck let’s go. Xray again, wait again.. she comes out gets me and says come look at this.. oh lord what’s up with my kids mouth.. shows me, well I’ll be damned. Three sets of teeth one on top of the other. She is amazed I am amazed. No concerns.. I mean well if having three sets of teeth aren’t concerning enough, but hey in our life I can live with it.

So shark teeth it is.. we go about our day.. were good. Fast forward a bit.. so now these second set of teeth are coming in.. ok you say… well not really.. because the first set are still in there.. welp dentist we go. She sees him still amazed and now even more amazed.. first set not loose, second set growing in perfectly in place behind them. So we decide that will get loose soon and slide right in spot. Ok cool no hurricane of a day, they dont bother him so good to go. Alright not to bad. I mean this point we don’t not a lot phases us. Fast forward a little more time.. well here comes the third set.. ok.. no not ok not only does he have his second set, well you guessed it he still has his first set. All perfectly all set in front of set, in front of set..yep.. why.. why us… Oh hey dr parks.. we got a problem. Back to dentist we go. Hi hi ho.. yep we have a problem.. so go.. even more amazed at this point even a dentist hasn’t seen this.. oh yay yet another special case.. great.. so make the decision.. some have to go.. why not.. let’s do this!!! 7 have to go.. oh crap.. ok can do this. Yep 7 go. You know the teeth is one phenomenon.. second phenomenal thing. No pain medicine.. nope we got one shot in his gums and it was over. Already prepped got him calm. He was watching tv. And out they came. Not a flinch(sidebar he has ridiculous pain tolerance which there will be lots of stories about) walks out 7 teeth less, tons of prizes, and still more teeth than you need.

Oh we aren’t done with teeth.. few years ago. Zeq says mom I have a loose tooth, ok, not easy subject because he cant figure out why they come out. But ok. It’s ok buddy it will come out soon. Go about the day… couple hours later Zeq comes out with tooth it came out.. ok buddy it’s ok he is upset.. but hey tooth fairy will come. Ok sure made thru the night.

Next day.. mom I have a loose tooth.. what?!?! Let me check.. I mean he has extra teeth so it’s possible. Let me check buddy.. nope not loose..at all!! I tell him.. go about my day! Right?!?! Nope!! Couple hours later.. zeq comes mom my tooth came out.. hands me bloody tooth and all…and…roots..what buddy no!!! Call dentist…..help… she says with extra teeth could be pressure that pushed out.. om logical .. whew.. ok we are good..

2 days later… blood…mom…hand..tooth..root!! Uggh mom it was loose. No no no it wasnt buddy…. 1 week, 3 teeth.. off to his physcatrist this time. She says it’s not absolutely abnormal, but never met some who did it with teeth.. oh let me guess special case?!?! well what the heck did they do it with then?!?! Who knows.

So after days upon days of checking watching.. we are through this stage!! Yay…thank goodness

So then some people did some research.. with the teeth pulling.. in rare very rare cases it is said that people like Zeq can actually hear his teeth growing in and it is an ungodly sound that he just wanted to go away. All I will say I hope it never comes back.

Recently after some research by someone they say it is to be said that one with multiple sets of teeth, it may have been possible that inn the womb maybe possible zeq was a triplet and was all consumed into one body. Very interesting. I dont know. Geesh.

He doesnt pull out teeth thankfully anymore, but he does still have some multiples coming in. A couple of his top teeth are layered.

I told you there would be some interesting things about Zeq you would learn.

I am attaching a picture from the day that the dentist removed the 7. This was an after picture. You can see he still has a few behind his other layer.

When you brush next time thing of how it is such a quick thing you never think of.

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