Sleepy 8/23/18


First thing first… 2nd day of school! The shoes were a success!!

Back to it now.. sleep! Some are probably thinking what about it. You close your eyes and off you go.

Well Zeq doesnt have it that easy. If it was up to him he’d probably never sleep ever. He is like the Energizer bunny goes and goes until passes out. Then there’s odd reality that he can sleep very little. Like a few hours and be able to go for days longer. I myself personally enjoy sleep, wish I could have more.

As a baby Zequal was a very iffy sleeper. Used to walk around Walmart in his carseat to get him to nap. Then only to awaken a short time later. Then around age of 2 he began to have night terrors. He would sit up screaming, tears running down his face, and eyes shut. This went on for a long time until he was placed on medication. Then there was period when he would sleep walk. Every night fully asleep walk then just stand over me, when I would wake sometimes would yell because was that alarmed.

At a young age I dont know if his mind or body said hey you can go a long time without sleep. But he could and still can. When he has a meltdown it exhausts him to the point he closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep. Other times he looks at me as if I am alien because I tell him its bedtime.

Once when things became bad, after a hospital visit he said awake for almost 6 days straight. He didnt bother anyone just stayed awake. I have no idea why, and he couldnt explain to me. All he said was hes not tired. Ok buddy but mom is.

When he was 5 he rearranged the whole entire kitchen in the middle of the night because wasnt tired. He was so proud of it. He told me it was silly for butter to be in the fridge so he put it in the cupboard. Also that purple spoons couldnt touch anything else so he put them stragically other places. It took me about 5 hours to put everything back where it needed to be. He was proud of his work, and told me it didnt bother him anymore.

Some say, have you tried sleep study.. we sure have. Horrible experience and one I dont want to try anytime soon. We get to sleep study. The bed is uncomfortable, makes noise, cold, and hes not tired. Then they try to hook him up.. oh well that wasnt working after about an hour of trying we got all hooked up. He looks and me and says I think they are putting stuff in my brain. I say no they are just measuring it. Lights out off to sleep we go. In the morning get all unhooked. Thankfully. Because he was ready to go. They gave him a print out of his brain waves which he thought was so cool(he still has it to this day)

Days.. weeks go by the results are in: not sleep apnea, not restless legs.. so no reason he wouldn’t be sleeping. Interesting fact.. oh yay special case. In an 8 hour period he never fell into a rem state never once. He was awakened 13 times, aroused but never fully awake 74 times. 74 times can you imagine never getting a good night’s rest. Never falling full into dream state?!?! No real reason, nothing to try, just kinda like oh now what do we do.

Imagine being up for days upon days.. imagine never getting full nights rest, imagine no napping. But yet just keep going. I dont know about you but I’m tired just thinking about it. I’m tired for him. But when you lay down tonight just think about these kids laying in bed because they are told too, but never getting that rest.

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