Routine routine routine

Routine routine routine
Most important thing in life in our house.. you guessed it. Routine!!! In some sense everyone has a routine of you think about it. You get up go to work.. eat around the same time everyday and so forth. For Zequal routine is a little different. Yes we get up, medicine, breakfast etc. But we are on summer break with school starting in just days. Well to say the least it has been what day is it over and over. Mom I dont think I remember my schedule. I have it wrote down buddy. So the next week or two getting into school time routine shall be fun. An autistic persons a routine isn’t as easy to skip something as small as having lunch a half hour later, or a shower in the morning instead of evening. Such as Zeq when he wakes up you can say what time is it. Looking out the window he replys daytime. Just the same as if it is dark it is night time. He doesnt associate the time of day with a number. Numbers are for items or things. Dinner is 5:30. When the clock turns 5:30 it’s time to eat. We have came to the conclusion that he doesnt know when he is actually hungry but the clock says 5:30 so he must be. Just same as 8pm medicine time. 6:30 bath time 7:15 snack. His whole day is laid out into a number.

Believe me he knows it. He lives by it. When his routine is disrupted it is not that easy, cant just say hey buddy we will bath at 7 tonight, because he says we cant do that because I’ll miss snack. Because to him it has to be this way and this time or it doesnt work.

So when it comes to summer break.. it is rough it takes him 3 weeks of meltdowns or rapid personality changes to adjust. Because his whole world is upside down. Then back to school right after we just readjusted. Same happens in winter breaks and spring breaks.

Between personalities coming and going and him feeling like he doesnt know right from left. Somedays become to much for him

So when you wake up late and say I’ll shower after work, or your dinner gets pushed back an hour because you were busy. Just remember there are kids melting down or crying because they believe since it is 5:35 they cant eat because it too late now. Or that we dislike them because we are starving them. Or heck they may not even know they are hungry just know it is past time to eat.

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