Pain.. sickness.. 8/26/18

Pain.. sickness…
Kinda sounds like the beginning of some wedding vows. Nope just our life. Some interesting facts..


Sure we have the normal kids go to school come home with runny nose, fever, sore throat. Sure we do with our other 2 kids. But not with Zequal. Never does he get sick.. I’m meaning ever. When he was a baby he had a really bad stomach flu once.. and the year of h1n1 yep he got it. Had to be quarantined. But that is it. No fevers. No anything. Now days of he sneezes we are like oh no what’s happening. But never turns in to anything. He does have allergies that are controlled. He has asthma as well not often that flares up though. He has chronic migraines. But as far as the school germs or the everyday colds. We dont experience them often.

Pain… so I have touched on his pain tolerance here and there throughout the blogs. He has a ridiculous pain tolerance. I have seen this boy fall down a flight of steps end over end.. stand up and walk away. Jaw to the floor, panicked is he ok.. yep he sure is. I have been witness to him coming home from school his hand swollen. Ask what happened. Someone tripped him. Does it hurt buddy?!?! No.. ok give some ibuprofen and watch it. Then after the weekend ok, no something is wrong. Drs we go… xray.. yep broken 3 spots. Wth!!! Does it not hurt?!? No apparently not now just pissed because he has to wear a cast. I have seen him RIP teeth out of his mouth, pick his skin until it bleeds.

Last year was at school he slid down a ramp. (He tells us about it a week later) he says mom my elbow hurts. Not swollen but a little red. Make dr appointment.. exam…xray… sure enough broken funny bone.. really zeq?!?! How’s this even happen. He has stepped on a board and put a nail completely through his foot.. did he say anything?!? Sure didnt until bath time.

When he has meltdowns he inflicts all sorts of pain on himself.. but it never hurts.. but even odder.. he barely hits his toe on step..end of the world.. hits his knee.. the world has stopped spinning. I don’t know why or how. But his pain tolerance is unheard of. It is like it is hypersensitive or not sensitive at all.

Just some interesting facts.

Can you imagine breaking your hand..foot..or anything really, and never feeling it?!?!

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